Zeta Phi Beta to hold 2014 Boule’ in Washington, DC

Washington, DC – Mary Breaux Wright, International Grand Basileus of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. recently announced at a national teleconference that the sorority plans to convene its 2014 International Boule’ in Washington, DC. The meeting will coincide with the Centennial Celebration of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, which is also taking place in the place of its founding, the nation’s capitol.

Brother Jimmy Hammock, International President, was pleased and excited to hear that their sisters had decided to join them in this very special celebration: “Since her installation this past summer as Grand Basileus, Soror Wright has expressed her commitment to supporting her brothers of Phi Beta Sigma. Together, as leaders, we’re serious about promoting and celebrating our 92-year relationship as the only true brother-sister Greek-letter organizations. It makes perfect sense that our Zeta sisters will join us in Washington, DC, as we celebrate 100 years of service.”

Phi Beta Sigma plans to hold its 100th Centennial Celebration in July, 2014. The four-day gathering will bring together Sigmas from all corners of the globe to celebrate this major milestone. Details of the Centennial celebration and the Zeta Boulé are forthcoming.

  • MagPie

    I can’t wait to be a part of this True Blue Celebration.

  • Soror Marcia Armstead/Galv,Tx

    It’s going to be a fabulous occasion for the Blue & White! If the Lord says the same, I will be there to celebrate not only with my sisters but my brothers as well. Nothing but LOVE FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF my sisters and brothers…..I love YOU FOR REAL!

  • Soror Danielle El

    YES!!!! We will Blue and White the city out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to my brothers for joining that 100 year club!!!

  • Donna Tucker

    So very excited! Will be there in Jesus name! Zphi!

  • Alexandra Branham

    I am so excited about this boule! It will be my first one. Wow! Celebrating with our brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Inc. Loving it.

  • Soror Keisha Williams

    Im ready to join in the celebration!

  • newell_rk

    Congratulations go out to all the Sigma brothers! Can’t wait to enjoy the centennial celebration with you. Zeta love!

  • Soror Bridgers-Hines

    This is such a Blessed event!

  • Misty blu toooo

    I am soooooooo excited.. I’m paying my dues and re-activating my membership especially being a legacy pledging same hbcu exactly 20 years after my mother we will be together God’s will

  • Frances O. Stephens

    What are the dates for the Boule’ I need to plan my vacation? thank You

  • Adariyah Aamon Blackshaer

    what is exact date I sing with fred Hammond and design frat soror apparel

  • The Oracle

    The dates are July 15-19 Hilton hotel. There are more then one Hilton in DC. Most of the DC Hilton’s are sold out for the dates. More information please. My mom’s who’s been a ZETA for over 60 years and I would like to attend. Coming from the west coast we need to buy airline tickets. We would love to stay at the hotel that’s hosting.

  • Kita J
  • omarion

    I cant wait to be invited….educated black man….with Marcus Garvey intentions…wanting to take back the naacp from Rockafeller financial stronghold…holla back