15 Point Plan

  1. Alignment of all Key Stakeholders directly responsible for INCREASING MEMBERSHIP
  2. Improved Customer Service within IHQ with a strong emphasis on the deliverance of member’s materials, goal is a 98% New Member Fill Rate…MAJOR PRIORITY!
  3. Analyze the membership’s current trends by chapter
    • Strategically focusing on Reactivation, Recruitment and Retention
    • Placed all of the strategies to grow all Mission Possible Clubs on the website
    • Targeted Chapters for Founder and Diamond Clubs
      • Founder’s Club…25 Alumni Chapters with 101+ and 6 Collegiate Chapters, 51+ (Collegiate Chapters: Eta, Zeta Alpha, Delta Nu, Beta Psi Gamma, Beta Theta, Alpha Beta)
      • Diamond’s Club…15 Alumni Chapters with 76-100 and 12 Collegiate Chapters, 36-50
      • Total of 58 Chapters targeted to become a Founder’s or Diamond’s Club Chapter
      • By 2019, all of our Chapters will be a member of the Silver Club
    • National Chapter Size is 21.43 Members (Sept. 2016)…goal is to improve our National Chapter Size to 30 by 12/31/2017
    • Targeting 80% of our chapters being bronze or better by 2019
  4. Major focus on Retention with a goal of 8000 members (6000 Alumni and 2000 Collegians) on February 1, 2017; goal of 90% retention by 2019
  5. Developed new Marketing Materials (brochures, posters, stationary, PowerPoint presentation) focusing on all demographics with a special emphasis on diversity
  6. Coordinated a collaborative effort with the International Collegiate Leadership Team on developing some comprehensive strategies that our Collegiate Chapters can use to grow their membership
  7. Being very intentional about Recruiting…encouraging Collegiate and Alumni Chapters to ”Strive for 5” or more members within their MIP Class
  8. Targeting 70% of our Chapters doing intake either Fall or Spring semester with an emphasis on Chapters that didn’t do intake during the previous academic year…long term goal of getting 90% of our chapters doing intake by 2019
  9. Introduce Best Practices that outline our approach towards General Membership…propose a comprehensive strategy that meets the needs of our members which provides net new growth without compromising the growth of our chapters
  10. Chartering new Chapters with a major focus within our Major Cities; goal is to provide chapter services closer to the members and grow the market
  11. International Expansion…putting together a strategic plan to expand our presence internationally
  12. Encouraging Regional Directors and Chapter Presidents to place Membership Growth as one of their top priorities along with enhancing the brand of Sigma!
  13. We will have frequent International Conference Calls to give updates on how our plan is working and provide membership results
  14. Concentrated Focus on Training
    • Provided MIP Train the Trainer Webinars to over 160 Brothers in each Region in preparation for MIP; provided MIP training to members of the HQs Membership Team
    • Provided Collegiate Advisor Train the Trainer Webinars within Regional Conferences and during Conclaves
    • Provided Chapter Portal launch training to the Regional Directors and First Vice Directors
    • Will introduce MIP training online…build off the pilot that has been tested in the Eastern Region
    • Sigma Leadership Academy will support the Regions on targeted training needs
    • Provided all of the training material needed to support the National Anti-Hazing Awareness Campaign; General Board has mandated that all chapters must participate in AHAW prior to having MIP approved by the Regional Directors with the below targeted member participation
      • 50% of our Members in 2016
      • 60% of our Members in 2017
      • 70% of our Members in 2018
      • 80% of our Members in 2019
    • Sigma Professional Advisors Council will provide training on “Fostering Campus Partnerships”
  15. Continuing to Provide Incentives/Recognition for Performance…will use the Mission Possible Incentives and additional incentives to Increase Engagement and Rewarding Brothers/Chapters for membership growth


Top Priorities
Membership Engagement…We MUST KEEP THE ENGAGEMENT VERY HIGH | Increase the Number of Chapters Doing Intake | Strive for 5 Members within our Intake Class | Expansion and Progressive Growth Strategies | Provide Innovative Ways to Train Our Members | Invest in Our Loyal Members

Incentives Phase 1: Oct. 1, 2016 – Dec. 17, 2016
Retention Incentives for Chapters

  • $500 Chapter Grant to chapters with the highest retention rate per Mission Possible Level; must achieve minimum retention rate per level (12 winners…six categories x alumni and collegiate chapter within each category; if a tie, will do a drawing)
    • Targeted Minimum Retention rate per level
      • Founders Level – Chapters at 100-160 your target is 75%
      • Diamond Level – 75%
      • Gold – 80%
      • Silver – 100%
      • Bronze – 100%
    • Blended Retention Rate Target of 80% by 12/17
  • Chapters that capture a minimum of 90% retention by 12/17 will have a chance to win a Free Conclave Detroit Registration (10 to be given away…5 alumni and 5 collegiate)
  • All Chapters that capture a minimum of 90% Retention by 12/17 will receive a certificate and National Recognition via an E-Blast
  • Focus on getting your current members to pay their dues now…our goal is to have 8000 members on 2/1/17
  • Regional Retention Incentive

    1. Region captures 90% of your membership by 12/31
      • Enter into a drawing for a Regional Recognition Celebration during Conclave Detroit
      • Date and time of the Recognition will be worked out with the Regional Director

    Recruitment Incentives (Fall 2016 and Spring 2017: only one drawing during May of 2017)

    1. Collegiate Chapters
      • Every Chapter that does intake will be recognized via a National E-Blast
        • Intake Class 5-9 (certificate)
        • Intake Class 10+ (plaque)
        • Intake Class of 5 or more will be placed in a drawing for 22 free Conclave Detroit Registrations (E/SO get 4, GC, GL, SW, SE get 3 and W get 2)
        • Encourage the Regional Directors to give away 2-4 complimentary Regional Registrations to their Regional Conferences to chapters that have intake classes of 5+
    2. Alumni Chapters
      • Every Chapter that does Intake will be recognized via a National E-Blast
      • Intake Class 5-9 (certificate)
      • Intake Class of 10+ (plaque)
      • Every Chapter that has an Intake Class of 5+ members will go into a drawing for 5 free Conclave Detroit Registrations

    Reactivation Nation: Any Inactive Brother Pay Their Dues 8/15-10/15

    1. Receive credit for 2016 and 2017
    2. One Brother will win a chance to attend a General Board Meeting in 2017…Free Transportation, Hotel, Meals
    3. Reinstatement fee of $12.50 is waived
    4. Last financial year was 2013 and prior
Incentives Phase 2: Jan. 1, 2017 – Apr. 30, 2017)
  1. Chapters that INCREASE THEIR MEMBERSHIP BY 15 over their 2016 final number will receive the following
    • Conclave Detroit 2017
      • A chance to win a Free Conclave Detroit Registration (up to 20 Registrations will be given away)
      • Recognition during the Conclave
    • Chapter Grants
      • Drawing for Chapter Grants totaling $6,000…(up to 20 Chapters eligible for $300 Grants)
      • Grants will be presented to Chapters by May 28, 2017
    • Founder Level Chapters
      • Will receive one Free Registration for Conclave Detroit
      • Special Recognition during the Conclave
      • 200+ Chapters…will receive Three Registrations for the Conclave and a chance to win a $500 Chapter Grant
    • Diamond Level Chapters
      • Will receive a $75 Discount off one Conclave Detroit
      • Recognition during the Conclave
    • Gold Level Chapters
      • All Chapters will participate in a drawing to receive a $50 Discount off one Conclave Registration
      • Ten Chapters will win
      • All Chapters will be recognized
    • Chapter Recognition
      • National E-Blast Recognizing All Chapters that Increased their membership
      • All Chapters will be recognized during the Conclave
  2. Qualifications for the Phase 2 Incentives:
    • Chapter must increase your membership by 15 over your final 2016 number
    • At a minimum your chapter must be a Silver Chapter by 4/30/16 to receive the incentive unless otherwise stipulated.