National Collegiate Signing Day
The greatest gift a collegiate Sigma Brother can give to Phi Beta Sigma is a college degree. As you proudly walk the stage to accept your degree, you honor the first commitment to yourself: higher education!
On National Collegiate Signing Day, continue to honor your commitment to Phi Beta Sigma by
transferring into an alumni chapter.

Experience Sigma on the next level. The pride is the same, the community service still remains, and the excitement increases to a higher ground.


  • To increase the transfer of graduating collegiate members into alumni chapters;
  • To show collegiate members that they’re appreciated for their commitment and hard work on their college campus
  • To shine a spotlight on the graduating member as he transfers from the collegiate level to the alumni level


  1. Transfer collegiate members into alumni chapters by May 31
  2. Keep recent graduates active in the fraternity
  3. Assign newly transferred members a role or responsibility in alumni chapters
  4. Create excitement around becoming an alumni member while they enter a new phase of life in Sigma

During the month of May, Collegiate Chapter Advisors will identify those graduating seniors in their respective collegiate chapters. Alumni chapters in the respective area will sponsor a luncheon or dinner for the graduating collegiate members. An alumni chapter member will be asked to sponsor a collegiate member’s meal. At the conclusion of the meal, celebration and fellowship, congratulatory remarks will be given to the collegiate members, along with a presentation of membership transfer paperwork.

The following action items will take place:

  • Present collegiate members with reinstatement and transfer paperwork
  • Take photographs as graduating seniors sign their paperwork
  • Submit photographs through the form to the right for posting via social media and in Weekly Update E-Newsletter
  • Invite the graduating senior’s friends, family and fellow chapter members to the event
  • Track and inform alumni chapters of a collegiate member’s intent to transfer after graduation and estimated arrival to their city
  • Waive the local chapter dues for the first year
  • Pay international and regional membership dues for the first year after graduating

The following are strategic action items for those collegiates relocating:

  • Use The Blu Print to contact alumni chapters in the city/area that the relocating collegiate will be moving before National Collegiate Signing Day
  • Assure that an alumni chapter representative has a presence at the National Collegiate Signing Day by calling in or Skype (video chat)
  • Assure that the graduating collegiate complete the PBS-8 Form on the computer and send via email

Congratulations to our graduating Seniors, looking forward to you transitioning to an alumni chapter!


Bro. Micheal Cristal
International First Vice President

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