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Thank you for your interest in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Within this section you will find information on the qualifications to become a member of our great Fraternity. After you read through the information within this section, please fill out the “Men Interested in Sigma Inquiry Form” so that we can have a member of our Fraternity get in touch with you to discuss your interests further.

Brief Eligibility Requirements:

  • Collegiate membership in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity is limited to college men who are attending and working toward obtaining a baccalaureate degree at a recognized college or university and have completed at least one grading period and have obtained a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA based on a four point scale.
  • Alumni Membership in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity is limited to professional men that have been granted a baccalaureate degree or other degree by a recognized college or university.
  • Candidates of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity must not currently be a member of or have previously been a member of another intercollegiate fraternity other than an honorary or professional fraternity.
  • Each candidate for membership in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity must apply to a chapter in the respective region based upon the terms and conditions outlined in the Fraternity’s membership intake and development process.

Download and Complete the Application

In order to submit the Membership Application Form, please print and complete the Membership Application Form, sign the bottom and submit to the chapter of interest along with your mandatory, non-refundable fee of $200.00 by way of Money Order or Certified Check from your financial institution.

Membership into Phi Beta Sigma has its privileges! The Founders envisioned an organization built on principle and integrity and most of all service. Through brotherhood, scholarship and service Phi Beta Sigma has impacted not only the local communities that we live in but also the world as a whole. Phi Beta Sigma has become a training ground for world, business and community leaders. Our success is based on the depth of commitment, vision and confidence of our members.

We therefore seek men who will promote and extend the policies and programs of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. The Fraternity, in return, is a massive network through which individuals can grow and develop personally and professionally. Membership in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. is generally classified as collegiate or alumni. General requirements for new members and FAQ are listed below.

How can a member become a member-at-large?
In order to become a member-at-large, the brother must live outside a forty-mile radius of the nearest chapter to him.
What’s the process to become a life member?
To become a lifetime member, the brother must have been financial for ten consecutive years.
What are the fees for lifetime members?
There are now three levels of the lifetime membership.
Gold – $1,500 Sapphire – $2,400.00 Platinum – $5,000.00
Is there a payment plan for the lifetime membership?
The lifetime membership can either be paid in full, or it can be paid off during a five-year period at the brother’s schedule. To start the payment plan, 10% of the total amount is due. During this time, the brother is a subscribing life member and does not receive the benefit of any life member materials until the bill is paid in full.
When are dues due for the following year?
In order to avoid late fees associated with paying dues, they must be post marked before or no later than December 31.
Does becoming a life member limit any fees?
Once a brother is a life member, he no longer pays national dues. However, regional dues must be paid yearly for the brother to be financial.
What’s the procedure for reactivation?
To be reinstated, a chapter has to be chosen by the brother in his area if he is not affiliated with one. Once the brother is directed to a contact person, he has to go to that chapter and have the chapter fill out a reinstatement form for him, along with the PBS-1 and the associated fees to the national headquarters. If a brother is being reinstated, he pays regular dues (no late fee) and a reinstatement fee. If the brother is outside of the forty-mile radius and wants to reactivate his membership, he can fill out such paperwork himself and mail it to the national headquarters with the associated fees.
What are the forms of payments that the headquarters accept?
The national headquarters only accepts payments in the form of a money order or certified check. No personal checks are accepted. We do accept credit/debit card payments, however a letter has to be faxed in or mailed with the information of the credit/debit card (which is wiped out after its use). The letter has to state that the brother is giving Phi Beta Sigma national headquarters the ok to charge his card for the dollar amount. It should be signed and dated accordingly. This varies from region to region. The breakdowns are as follows:

Great Lakes, Gulf Coast and Western Regions pay 2 years National and Regional dues
Eastern and Southeastern pay 2 years Regional ONLY
Southern and Southwestern pays for 1 year ONLY.
In order to be considered financial, regional and national dues must be paid.

What is the calendar of operation for the headquarters in respect to dues?
The headquarters operate on the calendar year. If dues or new member fees are received before November 1st, they are accounted for that current calendar year unless stated in writing otherwise. On or after November 1st, dues or new membership fees are automatically placed for the upcoming year unless stated in writing otherwise by the submitting brother.
Can a brother be financial in a chapter where the chapter has not paid its chapter taxes and insurance?
To reactivate a chapter, the chapter taxes and insurance must be paid in full along with any late fees or conclave absentee fees associated with the chapter.
What is the procedure for chapter reactivation?
To reactivate a chapter, the chapter taxes and insurance must be paid in full along with any late fees or conclave absentee fees associated with the chapter.
Can a brother be financial in a chapter where the chapter has not paid its chapter taxes and insurance?
No, in order to be financial in a chapter, the taxes and insurance for that chapter have to be paid in full and in good standing.
What are the G.P.A and credit requirements for new members collegiate and alumni?
For Collegiate: A cumulative G.P.A of 2.5 or higher with at least one full semester completed. (12 credit hours or the credit hours required by the University if it is more than 12 credits)

For Alumni: A cumulative G.P.A of 2.5 or higher and the alumni candidate must have 60 credits or more under his belt.


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