General Board

Micheal Cristal
Int’l President
Jean B. Lamothe
Int’l First Vice President

Frederick Bell
Int’l Second Vice President
William Frasier, Jr.
Int’l Treasurer
Hon. Jonathan A. Mason
Immediate Past Int’l President

Hon. John Turner, Esq.
Int’l General Counsel
Hon. Peter Adams, Esq.
Reginald Sluch
Int’l Director of Bigger & Better Business
Steven D. Kniffley Jr.
Int’l Director of Education

Christia V. Rey
Int’l Director of Social Action
TJ Lewis
Int’l Director of Collegiate Affairs
Darian Hayes
Int’l Collegiate Member-At-Large 1
Michael Facey
Int’l Collegiate Member-At-Large 2

Devon M. Henry
Eastern Regional Director
Daryl A. Parks
Great Lakes Regional Director
Edwin K. Miles
Gulf Coast Regional Director
Eston Williams
Southeastern Regional Director

Roy Edmonds
Southern Regional Director
Joshua Busby
Southwestern Regional Director
Mark A. Armstrong
Hon. Martin B. Currie
Int’l Director of Risk Management

Brandon Hill
Awards and Standards
Dr. Kent Poindexter
Int’l Director of Sigma Cares for its own
Rafael Matos
Int’l Director of Sigma Leadership Academy
Mark E. Cornelius
Int’l Director of Technology

Mark Pacich
Int’l Historian
Todd LeBon
Int’l Editor-in-Chief of The Crescent
Hon. Eric Gilliam
President of the Board of Directors for the PBSFCU
Earl V. Gamble
Life Members President
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