Brand Standards

Fraternity Policy on Brand Identity and Graphic Standards

The Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. brand is an important asset to our Fraternity. Consistency in branding and imagery builds brand equity, which in turn supports a strong foundation for organizational growth. Effective branding creates and supports instant recognition and value for each of our chapters and the fraternity at large. Brand equity provides us with a value base from which we can more effectively work together to achieve our goals as one recognized organization.

In order to provide greater support for our brand and for every Brother in Sigma, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. (the Fraternity) has created the following policy:

Any Brother or chapter authorized to communicate on behalf of the Fraternity will use the official Fraternity name and logo, as determined and communicated by the Fraternity.

Fraternity communications may not alter, modify or interpret the brand or how the brand is used. Any exception to this rule will require the prior consent and written authorization from the Executive Director or Director of Communications.

Filings, registrations and all legal questions pertaining to brand management have been centralized under the responsibility of our Fraternity’s Corporate Headquarters and the Fraternity’s General Legal Counsel. Inconsistent or unauthorized usage will dilute the value and legal protection of the trade names and trademarks and are subject to action by the Fraternity.

The right to create logos, icons, or visually identifiable images that will represent the Fraternity is given directly to the Fraternity and any subsequent creations must be approved by the Fraternity.

Fraternity websites include, but are not limited to, officer-, regional-, state-, and/or chapter-sponsored websites that are created for the purpose of communicating, promoting and/or advancing the ideals, activities, programs and/or growth of the Fraternity.

Each Fraternity website must adhere to the brand identity standards set forth in this policy and the Fraternity Internet Policy.

Each Fraternity website must conform to Fraternity brand identity standards in organizational references. No Fraternity website may utilize descriptive references (such as ‘death chapter’ and similar types of references) other than the official chapter name.

Ultimately, all Fraternity-hosted URLs and\or new Fraternity websites will become the property of and owned by the Fraternity.

Any new product or service brands must be proposed to the Fraternity’s Director of Communications for approval well in advance of the creation of any new materials such as brochures, videos, CD’s, etc. It is very important that proper time and consideration is given to the product and brand approval process. Last minute requests will not automatically be granted. If approved, product or service brand names must be trademarked. Trademark requests should be made through the Fraternity’s General Counsel. Trademarks must be owned by the Fraternity and used consistently throughout the Fraternity.

The Fraternity leadership appreciates each member’s commitment to the Brand Policy and expects everyone throughout the Fraternity to follow Policy. Any questions regarding our Brand Policy should be directed to the Corporate Headquarters.

Co-branding with our sisters of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority (the Sorority) must be done appropriately. Please refrain from utilizing Zeta Phi Beta Sigma. When co- branding please use the Fraternity’s and Sorority’s full names.

Consistency establishes trust. It is vital that Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity’s logos be used in a consistent manner by all chapters and organizations. Our logos must not be altered in any way.

To reproduce cleanly in print, use the EPS files versions. EPS files are used primarily for desktop publishing in applications such as InDesign and Quark. These files will not work online.

For official logo files, contact Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. International Headquarters.

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