PIA Reporting

Program Implementation Assessment Form

We have created a standard mechanism for assessment and reporting our national programs and initiatives. Our reporting tool, the electronic Program Implementation Assessment Form captures key result indicators for assessment of key outcomes. These key result indicators (KRI’s) will be tracked for benchmarking, measuring, and reporting.

This tool will capture key result indicators for assessment of the following outcomes:

  1. How many people did the program/event reach and/or participate?
  2. How many dollars were raised if applicable?
  3. What were the goals of the program or activity?
  4. Evaluation of program implementation and execution.
  5. Number of service hours completed?
  6. What was the total expense of project, program or activity?

We have created incentives and recognition for those chapters who comply and consequences for those chapters who do not complete and submit the PIA Forms. To begin reporting your chapter activities, login the Chapter Portal on The Blu Print to submit your PIA’s.

Submit PIA Reports in The Blu Print

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