In 2014, Phi Beta Sigma began a new initiative to support and reach out to the membership in more meaningful ways. The goal of this new initiative was to let brothers know that they have the support and love of “The Brotherhood”, in times of need and of celebration. Sigma Cares for its Own is designed to give spiritual support to brothers. Regardless of faith or religious background; whether you worship in a church, synagogue, masjid or otherwise, brothers can find a connection to the richest tradition of Phi Beta Sigma — one that binds all brothers together — “I am my brother’s keeper.”

“Sigma Cares for Its Own” provides information about brothers who needed the support and prayers in times of loss and illness, through monthly posts. In keeping with its intent, the program also shares “good news” about brothers—marriages, births, graduations, etc. through the Weekly Update and e-blasts. Brothers and their families in need find comfort through the outreach provided by the Sigma Cares network of brothers who take the belief of being their “Brothers’ Keeper” to the next level.

As the Sigma Cares portal grows, brothers will be able to access local support through the Chaplains Council. We are encouraging brothers with experience as ministers, chaplains or other areas of pastoral leadership and/or counseling to consider becoming a part of the Chaplains Council.

For those brothers who need to be reminded that “Sigma Cares for Its Own”, please click on the link provided and fill out the form to submit your request to the Sigma Cares team.

Sigma Cares Submissions

If you would like more information about Sigma Cares for Its Own, please contact the Brother Reverend Kent L. Poindexter, International Director, at

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