We encourage you post social media pictures with your children and other significant persons in your lives, using the banner “#Their Lives Matter” (see instructions for how to do this). Do the same for those who are connected to law enforcement officers. We also want to encourage Brothers to change their profile and cover photos displaying this message as well.

We are not without hope! Now is the time to pull together, to pool our resources in order to bring this time of trouble to an end. If there ever was a time we needed to be vigilant about what our Fraternity stands for, now is the time. Now is the time for Phi Beta Sigma to stand all who believe in justice and peace. This is our mandate to answer the call to be leaders in our respective communities. We must model what it means to be our Brothers’ and Sisters’ keeper.

We ask you to do several things:

  1. Mobilize all like-minded members of your respective communities to call for an immediate end to talk which divides citizens and law enforcement.
  2. Join community and government leaders in declaring that we all must embrace the words of Dr. King to stop judging people by the color of their skin, their genders or what uniform they wear.
  3. We must be the catalyst for change; this is our time to model what that change means.
  4. Follow the International President and Social Action Team on social media and website for steps our fraternity will take to combat this epidemic and steps you can take to help us with this plan.

This week’s events should be our reminder that “I Am My Brother’s Keeper” should be our daily focal point. All of our efforts from this day forward need to be on supporting our communities at all levels—every life matters! Push for stronger gun control. Be vigilant in the push for tolerance between all groups represented in our world. Pray! If the “Beloved Community” is what we desire, we need to believe that EVERY LIFE MATTERS!


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The #theirlivesmatter image is available below for members to download. To apply the #theirlivesmatter image to your photograph, download the eZy Watermark app from your App Store. You can easily add and resize the #theirlivesmatter image at will. Please download the sample so you can see how your image should look. We ask that all members maintain the integrity of the campaign.

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Mac users press control key and click to download.

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